A Million Lights CD


In January 2017, with a non-stop tour and recording schedule, Michael hit a wall most creative people hit at some point in their careers. “I talked with my team at the beginning of the year and told them I’m not going to do another record unless I can write some stuff that really excites me,” he explains. “I was still grieving over my dad passing in November of 2015 and I thought it might be two or three years before I did any recording at all, if I ever actually did record at all.”

That anticipated break lasted for about two weeks ... all it took was the divisive national sentiment of 2017 and the mean-spirited banter on social media to once again ignite the creative fires. A Million Lights is Michael’s answer to what is happening in the world and his call to tell the world about the awe-inspiring Love of God for us.

Album Track List:
1) A Million Lights
2) Conversation
3) Something In My Heart
4) Footsteps
5) Your Love
6) Love Always Wins
7) Crashing Waves
8) Louder
9) Revolution
10) Hey Love
11) You Make Me Feel This Way
12) Forgive
13) Who You Are